The Teflon Man of British Politics

boris johnson abseiling

Rightly or wrongly, people in the public eye, be they politicians, sports stars, musicians, actors, are held to higher standards than the rest of us mere mortals. Their every move, every utterance, every tweet or Instagram is scrutinised in forensic… Read moreThe Teflon Man of British Politics

Tears – of a Clown

So, she is human! Theresa May, more awkward, hapless and robotic than C-3PO, has claimed in an interview that she “shed a little tear” on the night of the General Election as the exit poll confirmed her worst fears –… Read moreTears – of a Clown

The ‘Coalition of Chaos’ has arrived!

Less than two months ago, Prime Minister Theresa May stood on the steps of Number Ten and announced that, despite repeatedly ruling out a general election in the wake of the Brexit vote, she would go to the country on… Read moreThe ‘Coalition of Chaos’ has arrived!

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.

Theresa May (and Vladimir Putin) Theresa May might be many things, but a leader she most certainly is not. Indecision, fear and a huge lack of conviction in anything at all are the hallmarks of her early days as British… Read moreI Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.