Is this The Road to Brexit Hell?

Union flag torn

Brexit means Brexit, as we have been told, remorselessly, since the UK electorate made the historic decision to divorce itself from the European Union. ‘Remoaners’ have been pilloried for trying to subvert the democratic will of the people, for bleating… Read moreIs this The Road to Brexit Hell?

The ‘Coalition of Chaos’ has arrived!

Less than two months ago, Prime Minister Theresa May stood on the steps of Number Ten and announced that, despite repeatedly ruling out a general election in the wake of the Brexit vote, she would go to the country on… Read moreThe ‘Coalition of Chaos’ has arrived!

Election ’17

The general election the Prime Minister said she wouldn’t call is happening today. Then Mrs May decided to call a general election after all, because she needed an unequivocal mandate to enter the formal Brexit negotiations. Apparently, the referendum result… Read moreElection ’17