Final Brexit Deal: Parliament Reigns Supreme. Except When It Doesn’t.

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  As Britain’s race to the cliff edge continues, and time rapidly passes by in negotiations with the European Union, the Brexit Secretary yesterday informed Parliament that it would, after all, have a vote on the final Brexit deal between… Read moreFinal Brexit Deal: Parliament Reigns Supreme. Except When It Doesn’t.

Is this The Road to Brexit Hell?

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Brexit means Brexit, as we have been told, remorselessly, since the UK electorate made the historic decision to divorce itself from the European Union. ‘Remoaners’ have been pilloried for trying to subvert the democratic will of the people, for bleating… Read moreIs this The Road to Brexit Hell?

Tears – of a Clown

So, she is human! Theresa May, more awkward, hapless and robotic than C-3PO, has claimed in an interview that she “shed a little tear” on the night of the General Election as the exit poll confirmed her worst fears –… Read moreTears – of a Clown

The Price is Wrong!

To the huge surprise of no one, Saudi Arabia is “top of the list” for promoting and disseminating Islamist extremism, particularly in the United Kingdom, according to a new report by the Henry Jackson Society think tank. Dating back to… Read moreThe Price is Wrong!

The Price is Right

A billion. One billion pounds. That’s how much it costs these days to buy yourself a parliamentary majority. That is the price the taxpayer must pay in order for Theresa May and her minority government to remain in office, until… Read moreThe Price is Right