Is digital hoarding your thing?

We’ve all seen the TV programmes about compulsive hoarders – houses full-to-overflowing with decades-old newspapers, toys, books, rancid takeaway containers and pizza boxes. People living in such cramped and overcrowded conditions that they have to literally burrow their way around… Read moreIs digital hoarding your thing?

Self-care – you NEED a little ‘you’ time

self care love me

Self-care is all the rage right now, and not before time. In our busy, digitised, stressful ‘lives’, we seldom take time to look after number one – physically, emotionally or mentally – and we are finally, belatedly beginning to realise… Read moreSelf-care – you NEED a little ‘you’ time

Staying motivated when you’re working from home

working from home

Working from home or working as a freelancer and working for yourself – it’s the Holy Grail, isn’t it? No commute, no being herded around like cattle. No irritating colleagues looking over your shoulder or making small talk by the… Read moreStaying motivated when you’re working from home

Hygge your way to happiness and contentment


Hygge. It’s everywhere. You can’t fail to have seen the word wherever you’ve been – the internet, emails, displays front-and-centre in your local bookshop. It’s the lifestyle which is all the rage, hijacked from its Danish roots as we all… Read moreHygge your way to happiness and contentment