Is digital hoarding your thing?

We’ve all seen the TV programmes about compulsive hoarders – houses full-to-overflowing with decades-old newspapers, toys, books, rancid takeaway containers and pizza boxes. People living in such cramped and overcrowded conditions that they have to literally burrow their way around… Read moreIs digital hoarding your thing?

Why do you clutter up, buttercup?


Clutter – for most of us, it’s everywhere. That drawer in the kitchen full of no-one-knows-what. The boxes full of old football programmes in the loft. The pile of magazines on the coffee table which you’ve read only once. And… Read moreWhy do you clutter up, buttercup?

Syria, Russia & The West – an unhealthy melting pot

Xi Putin Trump cartoon

  In so many ways, we are immune to the (daily) news of fresh atrocities in the civil war in Syria, many of which are claimed to have been perpetrated by the widely-reviled president, Bashar al-Assad. Assad has been in… Read moreSyria, Russia & The West – an unhealthy melting pot