This Writer’s Block, It Might Come As A Shock!


Writer’s block. The dreaded feelings of terror, despair and hopelessness. The fingers are poised, the cursor is flashing, almost taunting, but nothing happens. You stare at the screen, paralysed. What’s going on? Will I ever break out of this funk?… Read moreThis Writer’s Block, It Might Come As A Shock!

Conservative Leadership Contest Starts Here

The first rumblings of a Conservative leadership challenge have been detected around Westminster this weekend. In a BBC interview on The Andrew Marr Show, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, claimed that cabinet colleagues were “briefing against” him because they… Read moreConservative Leadership Contest Starts Here

Tears – of a Clown

So, she is human! Theresa May, more awkward, hapless and robotic than C-3PO, has claimed in an interview that she “shed a little tear” on the night of the General Election as the exit poll confirmed her worst fears –… Read moreTears – of a Clown